Adidas - Stan Smith Lux: Transforming a 3D scan into a high-resolution model

Client: Adidas
Opdrachtgever: Adidas
Category: 3D Scan to HighRes Model
Date: Mei 2022

For this one, we collaborated with the Originals team to shed an extra spotlight on the Stan Smith Lux in a set of animated deliverables, complimentary to the on-model photography. The clay blue background and the streaks of light are representing the texture and outline of a tennis court, to pay a homage to its origins.

While we were provided with a 3D scan of the shoe, we conducted extensive custom work to completely rebuild the 3D model. This process allowed us to apply custom-scanned highly detailed leather textures, aiming for leather texturing with the highest possible fidelity, which is a key selling point for the Stan Smith line. We created four different colorways as part of this project.