Is Adidas only about shoes? Think again. For this apparel campaign, we seized the opportunity...

Client: Adidas
Category: 3D Garments / Cloth Simulation
Date: September 2022

Is Adidas only about shoes? Think again. For this apparel campaign, we seized the opportunity to create 3D-renders for both male and female runners. This campaign promotes running in a reflective and fluorescent design because who doesn’t want to be visible while running, right? These assets complemented an existing photography campaign.

The motion capture data enabled us to capture specific silhouettes for custom compositions within the lighting setup we created. Using this data, we couldn’t resist creating some looping run cycles.

In this production, we were responsible for digital garment optimization, cloth simulation, motion capture, and also contributed to the look development stages.

Advancing Fashion Technology: Mastering Cloth Simulation and Digital Garment Creation

Digital garment optimization

Process of refining digital clothing designs for better fit, realism, and movement in virtual environments or simulations.

Cloth simulation

Realistically animate and render fabrics and garments in motion, replicating their physical properties and interactions with other objects and forces.

Motion Capture

Recording the movements of a person wearing specific outfits to digitally replicate both their actions and the dynamics of their apparel in a virtual environment.

Look development

Defining the visual style and appearance of characters, environments, and objects in a digital medium.
Adidas NaN-RETAIL_V4-4k-min
Adidas NaN-RETAIL_V4-4k-min
Adidas Female_Secondary_Run-min